About Me

Hello, my name is Emerald Kate Andrade and I am a model-turned vlogger and also a gambling enthusiast. I have discovered the world of sports betting at one of the most unfortunate times.

I was struggling to find work and had taken a big loan to finance my studies. One time as I was flying back home, I got news that my plane had a technical failure and I won’t fly today. I received a room in a hotel at the airport, waiting for the next plane. Chatting with the other passengers, I got to know a guy who introduced me to this new way of making money online – can you make a wild guess? It sounded silly at first, but after he explained to me the logic behind it it started to make sense. Finally, as I flew back home I was excited to give it a try as soon as I have landed.

I just couldn’t believe it, I was making money betting, while all my friends were losing, clueless about how the whole thing works. I already felt like a ‘sharp’, even if I knew I had a long way to go before earning that badge of honor.

This is when I’ve decided to put my experiences into writing, I believe that I could also help people who are into sports betting and gambling and give them good advice not to fall into addiction and lose good investments. So make sure you go around this blog and learn what I’ve learned over the years.

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