Sims 2 Objects: What They Are and How to Download and Use Them

Part of what makes Sims 2 one of the more unique titles out of all the other Sims games in the franchise is it’s complete and total customizability. Savvy gamers could download hacked special items, game play mods, custom skins, crazy user built mansions and score some seriously sweet home décor that did not come standard with the game. In fact, there are hundreds of custom content sites still functioning with well over 200,000 custom objects made exclusively for the Sims 2 fan base.

sims-bedroom-objectsIf you’re new to the world of downloading custom objects and installing them into your Sims 2 game stay tuned because tricking out your Sim’s mansion with custom content is simple and easy once we go over some of the basics.

First, Sims 2 Objects are usually described as any kind of custom content including gameplay mods (like the teenage pregnancy mod where teen sims could well… woohoo with consequences), hacked objects, and most of the time custom designed home décor or building objects that just look cool and do not come standard with the game or any expansion packs.

For the purposes of this tutorial however we’re just going to think of Sims 2 objects, as ONLY from that last category, custom objects with no special effects on gameplay to keep it easy to follow (and minimize the possibility of frying your game with a badly programmed mod).
There are a number of websites that offer custom Sims 2 objects. Many are free, some are pay only, but usually you’ll find that most custom content sites are a hybrid of the two, with some of objects being free downloads while other more involved custom objects may be considered premium and require you to pay to have access them.

Getting the Custom File and Configuring it

sims-objects-for-baby-roomOnce you decide on the custom object you want the first step is to of course, download the custom file. I notice that it helps a lot to use the “Show in File” option in the download queue if you have trouble locating your custom Sims 2 object, but most of the time the default download location is just your downloads folder unless you designated a different one for some reason.

After you’ve located your downloaded custom object you may notice that it’s in a zipped file. This is usually done to reduce file size and make the file size smaller and the download time shorter. Most computers now don’t require you to download a file unzipper anymore, just right click on the file and select “Extract.” I usually set the extract location to be the desktop of my computer just because it’s easy for me to find it there but you can put it anywhere you want. I also have a back- up folder of custom downloaded content in the event that my game crashes and I need to reload it so having a special place on your computer dedicated to backing up you custom Sims 2 objects is a good idea.

Ready to Install!

Now that the files are unzipped and ready to go it’s time to install them into your game. Right click on your custom Sims 2 object file, and copy it. Then open up your file directory in the following order:

Your Username File -> Documents ->EA Games -> The Sims 2-> Downloads

entertainment-center-simsOnce in that Downloads folder simply right click and paste in the custom object. The object will install and be available to you once you start your game. Keep in mind that sometimes game loading times can be a bit longer after you install a bunch of custom content, it’s completely normal.

If you don’t have a “Downloads” folder, simply follow the same file directory as above and then create a new file in “The Sims 2” folder. Name it “Downloads” and it will work the same way as above and you’ll still get access to your super cool custom objects. Once you’re in the game depending on the kind of item you downloaded you can usually find those items marked with an asterisk in either the building section or the furniture section of the Sims 2 game.

So jump right in, if you love your Sims 2 and want to get your Sim’s mansion tricked out with the coolest looking custom content, finding what you want , downloading and installing those Sims 2 objects is super easy and loads of fun!

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